Allentown Police Dept. partners with Cedar Crest College on project that aims to make Queen City a better place | Lehigh Valley Regional News | #College. | #Students

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – The paperwork is signed and the work has already started at the Center for Police Innovation and Community Engagement at Cedar Crest College.

“We’re looking to identify strengths and expand upon them. Then we are also looking to potentially identify any weaknesses that need to be corrected,” said Scott Hoke with Cedar Crest College.

The city of Allentown will fund the program for three years with a total price tag of $120,000.

Allentown Police Chief Glenn Granitz says the department has seen a decrease in certain crimes, and officers are more involved in the community.

He also says there is more to be done.

“I am not a standstill or status quo person. The men and women of APD are interested in improving their methods to best serve the community,” Granitz said.

The collaboration will have an immediate impact in the next few months.

Cedar Crest will start to review the Spanish language citizens police academy to see if improvements need to be made.

Also, a burglary intervention program will start soon.

“To be visiting victims of this crime, to educate people around them because stats show when a burglary occurs it’s more than likely that house or that business could be victimized again,” Granitz said.

Other results will take longer to see in Allentown.

However, all parties agree by the end of the three year agreement there will be plenty of data to show how to make Allentown a better place.

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