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BLACK TRANSGENDER WOMAN SEEKING CITY COUNCIL ELECTION IN LOUISIANA: Transgender activist and co-founder of House of Tulip Mariah Moore (@Moore4DistrictD), is hoping to be the first Black trans woman elected in Louisiana. She is running for a city council seat in District D of New Orleans. More from Washington Blade.

GREG YORGEY-GIRDY MIGHT BECOME PHILADELPHIA’S FIRST BLACK LGBTQ JUDGE: If elected, Greg Yorgey-Girdy (@YorgeyGirdy) would be the first out gay Black man elected to judge in Municipal Court history. In an interview with Out, he shared, “One of the things I’ve seen as a litigator, and personally, is that there’s a lot of biases in the court… [LGBTQ+ people] come in and are stigmatized. I would remove all of that. It’s extremely important that we have respect and fairness in our courtrooms.” More from Out.

REPUBLICANS QUIETLY PUSH PRO-“CONVERSION THERAPY” BILLS IN ANTI-LGBTQ FIGHT: In an alarming uptick in hate, the legislatures in Arizona, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas are all considering pro-conversion therapy bills. While the words “conversion therapy” are never explicitly mentioned, Republican bills have included language to keep state and local governments from “enacting any measure directing the professional conduct of a health care professional.” More from HuffPost.

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