Amity University student stabs friend with machete in classroom, police reveal stunning reason for fight | #students | #parents

In a shocking incident, a law student in Lucknow’s Amity University stabbed a classmate in the classroom repeatedly, leaving the latter in a hospital battling for his life. The victim, identified as 26-year-old Chandra Bhushan Bhardwaj, is unconscious and critical. The accused, Sudhanshu Shekhar, has been arrested. 

Senior police official Vibhuti Khand said that the victim’s friend had told him the man was carrying a machete in his bag. However, before anybody could react, the accused launched a vicious attack. 

All Bhardwaj could do was try and defend himself using his bare hands. In the process, he received grievous injuries on his hands. He also got deep gashes on his neck and hand.

The victim’s friend said his classmates couldn’t intervene because the accused was in a fit of rage and they feared for their lives. They later intervened and rescued the man.

Police claimed a love triangle led to the murder.

The officer said Shekhar was friends with a girl who had been talking to the victim. The accused was upset with their equation. The two had a fight over the matter.

The accused has been booked under the attempt to murder charge.  

Amity University issued a statement about the crime. 

“It has come to our knowledge that two students had a fight on the campus that led to violence. The cause of the fight is not known yet, but the university has ordered a probe. Both the students have been suspended till the inquiry is underway. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any violence on the campus and will take action as per university regulations. Parents of the students have been informed. We will cooperate with the police in its investigation.”

With inputs from IANS

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