Arkansas man facing 12 counts of child pornography, filming 14-year-old niece

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) — A 32-year-old Arkansas man remains behind bars Thursday, facing a dozen counts of child pornography in Brown County.

Joseph Higson is being held on a $35,000 cash bond, charged with nine counts of possession of child pornography and three counts of capturing an intimate representation without consent.

The investigation starts all the way back in Arkansas, where the husband and father of two is from, but he was arrested in Green Bay last month after visiting his wife’s family in the area.

In a criminal complaint filed Thursday, police said the investigation started in June when Higson started talking to another man about pornography via email.

Investigators said Higson eventually told the guy he could send him photos and videos of his then 13-year-old niece that he had secretly taken last year using a ‘motion-activated recorder’ and a lens extension that can “stick out of vent slots, pockets or through zippers.”

Investigators said the photo showed his niece getting out of the shower and putting on clothes.

In the complaint, Higson told the man, via email, that he could send him more photos and videos soon of his niece soon as he was visiting family in Wisconsin in June.

Authorities said Higson would upload the videos to a Russian website and then trade them with others online.

Arkansas authorities, along with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, traced the email account back to Higson and arrested him June 26 during a traffic stop in the Green Bay area.

During the search warrant, police took a key-chain type recorder, hard drives, flash drives and a laptop.

On the devices, investigators found images of child pornography and explicit videos of Higson’s niece, sister-in-law, wife and wife’s friend. Investigators talked to all the individuals involved who said they did not give Higson consent to take those images.

During the interrogation, Higson admitted to setting up a hidden camera inside the bathroom, which captured multiple family members, including minor children. Higson went on to tell investigators he uploaded the videos and photos to the website, but he “has not emailed any videos of his minor children or family members that are minors.”

Higson is due back in court next Thursday for a preliminary hearing.