Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead : DayZ – Stranger Danger

A series of mini shorts as captured during my playthrough of Arma 2 DayZ (Online Server). I’ll be documenting adventures, ranging from running through forest…


25 thoughts on “Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead : DayZ – Stranger Danger


    thanks man. I was going no where with the current one I was writing, but
    after watching some of your videos I’ve been motivated to write a new one.
    I’ll be sure to send you a copy.

  2. BDreasonable

    This video made me buy this game. I knew it was a good game when the guy
    goes, “yes! finally! blood!”. Excitement over finding a goat? Classic.

  3. William4948

    I shoot on sight now, I tried to be a nice guy. I saved people from
    zombies, gave them weapons, the whole 9 and got shot every time.

  4. NooblyGaming101

    wait do i need the original arma 2 or arma 2 operation arrowhead for dayz
    does it work for both? or just 1 of them?

  5. MorteWulfe

    I hope you all get eaten by zombies. Even the peer pressure guy that wanted
    to save him but was too weak to contradict the groups.

  6. Sean YaBish

    Wow, nice. He’s american, that’s totally why he’s annoying. Notice the
    other guy is American as well and he’s the chillest one there?