Armed police swoop on school after ‘bullied’ teenager walks into classroom with shotgun and ammunition

Armed police swooped on a secondary school after a “bullied” teenager took a shotgun and ammunition into his classroom.

Higham Lane School in Nuneaton, Warks, was put into lockdown after the 15-year-old boy turned up with the weapon.

The teen rang cops at 9.15am today to tell them he was armed on the school premises.

Officers from Warwickshire Police raced to the 1,200-pupil comprehensive and arrested the boy.

Classmates claimed the youngster had been bullied because of his appearance for years.

They said the gun and ammunition was found stashed in the boy’s bag underneath his desk.

It was also claimed 30 headteachers were visiting the high-achieving school when the alarm was raised.

One Twitter user wrote: “I remember the kid that’s done this … I remember him getting bullied and picked on constantly.”

A boy who was collected by his father at the school gates said: “He’s been picked on before.

“I only heard about what happened when a teacher told us to stay in the classroom.

“He had the gun in his bag. It’s pretty scary to think what might have happened.”

Supt David Gardner, from Warwickshire Police, confirmed the teen had been arrested by officers on suspicion of possessing a firearm.

He said: “The boy was quickly isolated and the incident contained to ensure there was no risk to pupils and staff.

“The initial report was received from the suspect himself and he was cooperative with police throughout.

“Officers were on the scene quickly and he was placed under arrest. We have seized a shotgun and ammunition.

“I would like to thank staff and pupils at the school for their assistance while we managed this incident.”

The school remained open during the scare and parents were sent texts informing them about the incident.

Higham Lane School was praised last year after Ofsted ranked the school as being among the best in the country.

It ranked first out of 55 schools with a very similar intake of students across the whole of England.

Higham Lane School sent a message out to parents in an attempt to reassure them.

It said: “Some parents/carers may have been made aware of police officers being on the school site this morning.

“Although there was an incident, this message is to reassure you that all students and staff are safe and the matter has been dealt with.

“The police have confirmed that they are happy for the school to remain open.

“The school will not be putting out any further information at this point.”

In a statement, headteacher Phil Kelly said: “The pupil was removed from the school site by the police.

“The incident was responded to very promptly by staff, who worked effectively with the police.”