Artworks by death row inmates, underprivileged kids seek to build bridges in Pakistan

A first-of-its-kind project in Pakistan, Is Saye Kay Parcham Talay (The Shadow Over Our Flag) is a travelling art show that seeks to build bridges between artists and the community, and to invite people to indulge in difficult but necessary conversations. The show tackles issues of marginalisation and minority politics in Pakistan and looks at ethnic, religious, and gendered communities in the country and within art institutions themselves. The premise of the project is to understand difference and diversity, to absorb the cultural contexts of Lahore and then Karachi. It hopes to be part of a growing movement that broadens the boundaries of what society has labeled as art.

Starting in Lahore this month,THE WORKS to be displayed include those composed by death row inmates and nearly 50 child photographers from Karachi’s underdeveloped Neelum and Shah Rasool Colonies.  They will sit alongside the works of artists from different backgrounds, whose collective work observes a fractured nation.