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More than two weeks after Winston-Salem police said a man shot one of three men he claimed was assaulting him at Target on Hanes Mall Boulevard, no criminal charges have been filed, even though everyone involved has been identified.

Kira Boyd, a spokeswoman for the Winston-Salem Police Department, said an active investigation is underway. She did not say whether criminal charges will be filed in the case. Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill said Friday that his office has not made a decision on whether criminal charges should be filed.

“We are allowing WSPD to finish their investigation,” he said.

The June 28 gunfire inside Target prompted a rare late-night press conference 24 hours later from Police Chief Catrina Thompson, who urged citizens not to conduct their own investigations into online child predators but declined to disclose that the subject of the news conference was the Target assault. But on July 3, Winston-Salem police released additional details that made it appear that the Target assault was the reason behind the unusual the news conference.

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Police initially said that a man told them he was approached by three other men inside the store about 8:30 p.m. June 28, and that, after they started assaulting him, he pulled a gun and fired one time in an attempt to stop the assault. Dontaye Kentrell Wade, 25, who told police he fired the shot, told authorities that the three men continued to assault him, took his gun and ran out of the store.

Wade told police that he drove home after the assault, then went to a local hospital to be examined. Police said Wade’s injuries were minor and that he was released from the hospital after getting treated.

On July 3, Winston-Salem police said that investigators were able to identify the three men through interviews, social media and surveillance as Jay Cameron Carnicom, 28, of Freemont, Ohio; Joshua Alvin Michael Mundy, 29, of Freemont, Ohio; and Jason Doane Chipps, 37, of Marion.

Police said the three men were part of a group called DAP, or Dads Against Predators, on social media.

“During the course of the investigation, it has been discovered the three males ‘lured’ the victim to the Target utilizing a social media app called Meet Up,” police said in a news release. “Once the victim arrived inside the Target, the three males approached the victim and confronted him as to why he was at the Target.”

Police did not say why the three men targeted Wade. Wade has not been charged with any crime.

One of the men was recording the interaction when Wade slapped the phone away, police said. During the ensuing fight, Wade brandished a handgun and fired once, striking Carnicom in the lower leg, police said.

The men took Wade’s gun, ran out of Target and got into a vehicle with Ohio tags. Wade also ran out of the store but went to a Forsyth County hospital later that night for injuries he got in the assault, police said.

Around 3:13 a.m. on June 29, police got information that led them to Wade’s gun on Sunderland Road. Then, at 11 a.m. June 29, Winston-Salem police were contacted by law enforcement in Ohio confirming Carnicom had arrived at a hospital there. He had a gunshot wound to his leg and he was treated and released from the hospital.

At the news conference June 29, Thompson warned city residents that vigilante groups, including ones in the Triad, can create problems for law enforcement.

“The intentions of these groups may be honorable,” Thompson said at the news conference at the Beaty Public Safety Training Center on Patterson Avenue. But members of these groups, Thompson said, don’t have the training of law-enforcement officers, and their methods of investigation and gathering of evidence typically don’t meet “the requirements of a successful prosecution of these cases.”

She urged citizen groups to contact the Winston-Salem Police Department instead of taking matters into their own hands.

An assistant chief of the Fremont Police Department told WGHP/Fox 8, the Winston-Salem Journal’s newsgathering partner, that he has dealt with DAP for years and that members have been banned from various grocery stores in the Ohio area because their meet-ups turn violent.

WGHP/Fox 8 did not identify the assistant chief in its story.

Mundy told WGHP/Fox 8 that he could not go into the details but said that his group is cooperating with the investigation. Mundy told WGHP/Fox 8 that he and the two other men did not do anything wrong.

He and Carnicom also appeared Thursday on a YouTube show where they talked about the Winston-Salem incident. Both men said in the video that they were involved in the incident at Target and would no longer meet inside stores or in public places.

Fremont police told WGHP/Fox 8 that Mundy and Carnicom have not been criminally charged in connection to DAP activities.

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