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Welding Teacher at McFarland High School Miguel Martinez Faces Sexual Misconduct Charges

According to Bakersfield Now News, a teacher at McFarland High School has been charged with sexually assaulting a minor.

Miguel Martinez, a welding teacher at a McFarland High School, has been accused of sexually assaulting a minor. More details regarding the sexual assault have not been released.

The district says they are still gathering facts about the allegations and plan to cooperate with the Sheriff’s Department, reported Bakersfield Now News. Martinez was placed on administrative leave following the allegations.

The Kern County Sherrif’s Department arrested Martinez. Martinez faces charges of alleged sexual misconduct with a minor.

Legal Rights of Victims Sexually Assaulted by a Teacher

Attorney contributor Bobby Thompson represents victims who have been sexually abused in civil lawsuits. We asked Bobby to provide his thoughts on the legal options of victims sexually assaulted by a teacher.

“Schools must provide a safe environment for their students; it is their legal duty. Sadly, around the country, there have been numerous teacher sexual assault cases. Predators often seek out positions in schools to exploit children. Schools must do everything possible to prevent the hiring of teachers and staff that seek to exploit their positions of power and trust to exploit children sexually. Schools and administration must implement adequate safety measures, such as cameras, guards, reporting systems, and background checks to uphold students’ safety.”

“Victims and their families should consider acquiring the services of an experienced sexual assault attorney to learn their legal rights. A school may be considered liable if it fails to provide ample security measures for its students and abuse occurs by staff. An example of negligence is if others knew of prior misconduct but did not report it. In cases of negligence, victims and their families should know they may have grounds for a civil lawsuit and receive compensation.”


Bakersfield Now News

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