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Samantha Krakower, Teacher at Leonia High School, Charged with Sexual Assault

According to NJ News, a high school teacher and coach in Bergan County has been charged with sexually assaulting students.

Samantha Krakower, 24-years-old, is a physical education teacher, health teacher, and softball and basketball coach at Leonia High School. Krakower has been accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student.

Krakower became a teacher this past year, and the relationship with the student allegedly started earlier this school year. Details of the inappropriate relationship have not been released. The District Schools Superintendent claims to have become aware of the allegations after receiving confidential tips.

Krakower has been charged with sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, and endangering the welfare of a child. She is being held at Bergen County Jail pending a court hearing, reported NJ News.

Legal Options of Victims Sexually Assaulted by a Teacher

Attorney contributor Brian Kent, an experienced sexual assault attorney, has represented numerous victims sexually abused. In an interview, we asked Brian to provide commentary on victims’ legal options sexually assaulted by a teacher.

“Schools and administrations have a legal obligation to protect and provide a safe learning environment to the students enrolled. Unfortunately, across the country, there have been numerous sexual assault cases against teachers arising. Sadly, teachers and coaches seek out positions in schools to place themselves in positions of power and trust to exploit students sexually. However, when a school hires a teacher, they should run a background check to ensure the teacher is qualified. Additionally, schools and administration should implement safety measures, such as cameras and reporting systems, to uphold the safety of students.”

“If a school fails to provide adequate security and safety measures and abuse occurs, the school may be considered liable in a court of law. When abuse occurs, victims and their families should secure the services of an experienced sexual assault attorney to explore their legal options. A school could be considered liable in sexual assault cases that involve their staff as a result of negligence. Often, sexual assault only occurs due to negligence by a third party, such as the school administration. An example of negligence is if prior complaints were made but ignored. However, there are many other forms of negligence. In cases of negligence, victims and their families may have grounds for a civil lawsuit.”


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