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Legal Options for Victims Sexually Assaulted At School

Attorney contributor Brian Kent, a sex abuse victim lawyer, represents victims of sexual abuse and their families in civil lawsuits. We’ve interviewed Kent to share his thoughts regarding the legal options of victims sexually abused by teachers.

Kent highlighted schools have a legal duty to provide a safe learning environment and protect their students. Unfortunately, sexual predators are sometimes found working with children in schools as administration, teachers, and coaches. These predators use their power and trust to engage with students inappropriately. Schools and administrations must do their best to protect students from sexual predators.

Can you sue a school for sexual assault by a teacher or school employee?

Kent replied, “victims and their families should ask if the school did everything possible to prevent sexual abuse. If the school did not have proper safety measures in place, they could be considered negligent. Some examples of negligence are the following: if prior complaints about sexual misconduct were reported against a teacher, and the teacher was still permitted to work, or if a teacher was caught on camera touching a child inappropriately, but the school does not address the issue. In such cases of negligence, a school could be considered liable, and the victim may have grounds for a civil lawsuit.”

York County School of Technology in York, PA


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