Auction In Lennox Held For Shooting Victims


It’s been a difficult time in Lennox after last month’s shooting at Sioux Steel, and the community rallied together to hold an auction. The proceeds are going to a group of people that have dealt with a lot of heartbreak.

Hundreds of people piled into the Lennox High School gym, many of them wearing shirts with the names of the three shooting victims.

“Typical Lennox. We’ve always been a supportive community of everybody with in the community, even outside the community. We’ve always worn our hearts on our sleeve and this is a perfect example of how we support those in need,” Tami Harrington said.

After the tragic event last month, the community wanted to help the families of Kathy Steever, Jon Richter and Brian Roesler. That’s why Lindsay Blaha came up with the idea for the event Sunday.

“It hit close to home. Jon Richter was a good friend of our family’s. My husband works at Sioux Steel. Grew up in Lennox, went to school here, part of the community. We felt like we needed to do something for the family,” Blaha said.

That’s why she used a quarter craze auction and silent auction to help them out. Dozens of prizes, many of them donated from the area, were on the line. People were able to bid on items using quarters. They hold their paddle numbers in the air, and if that number is call, they went home with the prize. All of the proceeds from the auction are going to the Sioux Steel Family Support fund.

Event organizers estimated 400 people would show to the event. Sunday’s turnout has exceeded expectations.

“We were numbering up paddles up to last night because the buzz really started happening. How many people were really coming? So we were scrambling around last night and this morning, numbering paddles, to make sure we had enough for everybody,” Char Oltmanns said.

While it was for a good cause, the event was also about having a good time, and bringing a community that has dealt with heartbreak, together.

“I want to be here to show them that, my heart is here for you guys. I’m not going to leave you high and dry, and I want everybody else out here, supporting them,” Kim Boe said.