Aussie Teen’s Inflated Dorito Chip Attracts More Than $20,000 In Bids | #socialmedia | #children

An Australian teen could be about to secure a decent chunk of change after coming across something unique.

As Rylee Stuart was tucking into a packet of Doritos, she came across one that was noticeably different from the rest.

This peculiar chip seemed to be inflated across all three points, which is certainly not something you see everyday.

The 13-year-old girl from the Gold Coast questioned whether she should whack it in her gob and carry about her day or if she should keep it.

She filmed a video of the chip and uploaded it to her TikTok account asking her followers what she should do.

The video went absolutely viral and it has since been watched more than 2.6 million times on the social media app.

Her followers suggested she should keep it and try to sell the prized item online and that’s exactly what she’s done.

Rylee put it up on eBay for $0.99 and sat back to see what would happen.

While many people would say the chip is worthy absolutely nothing or maybe at least $3 considering that’s how much the packet cost, others reckon it’s a pretty priceless item.

It didn’t take long for the bidding to skyrocket and is now sat at $20,300 with five days left to go.

Considering that it costs around $32 for 66 packets of chips on eBay, it’s outrageous that people are prepared to pay 634 times that amount for a single chip.

But clearly everyone’s appetite for the peculiar item is insatiable as the bidding war continues to drive up the price.

Credit: eBay

There have been 45 bids on the chip so far and it appears only eight users have been involved in the bidding.

It took less than half an hour for the chip to go from $0.99 to $10 and then nearly an hour later to the second the price jumped to $10,000.

People then started going up by a couple hundred dollars before it steadily climbed to more than 20 grand.

And this was all on the same day the item was listed.

It seems like the bidding tit-for-tat stalled yesterday (July 21), however it’s still at a very impressive number.

Who knows how much higher the chip will go, but the hammer will officially land in five days.

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