B-B students jump rope to help fight heart disease | Lifestyles | #students | #parents

BERGEN — Byron-Bergen Elementary School students jumped all over heart disease last month by participating in the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge.

The Kids Heart Challenge is a fun event where students learn about their heart while raising money for the American Heart Association. This year the students raised $4,232.32 for the American Heart Association, which funds research, programs, and education to fight heart disease and stroke.

When asked why being a heart hero is so important, second grade participant and top fundraiser Vincent Antinora responded, “I like doing the Kids Heart Challenge every year because I like being kind and helping people with unhealthy hearts!”

The event focuses on student success through healthy physical and social emotional practices.

“It’s not just about exercise,” said Byron-Bergen Elementary School Physical Education Teacher and Event Coordinator Brian Tatar. “We also focus on reducing stress, being kind, and making healthy choices like drinking water. But the students also really like the jump rope challenge.”

The jump rope challenge took place over two days in the Elementary School parking lot. Students learned different jump rope styles and techniques and then faced off to see which student could jump rope the longest. The winners received a jump rope and a round of applause.

“I’m very proud of our students,” said Elementary School Principal Brian Meister. “They are having fun while making healthy choices and helping others. That’s the best. Congratulations to all.”

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