Baby visit COVID boundaries, parenting advice from Care and Feeding. | #parenting

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Dear Care and Feeding,

We have a child who’s still very young and one more on the way this fall. We live in a part of the country where COVID is very much in the rearview. We are fully vaccinated, have had COVID, and are still reasonably cautious, but both work full-time. We’ve also resumed many activities, outdoors when possible, for our daughter’s developmental benefit, at the urging of her pediatrician. I think we have overall done a good job of balancing risk versus the reality of everyday life, but preparing for a new baby is throwing me. I have already been through one pandemic pregnancy and one pandemic newborn period. My own case of COVID was relatively mild but not so mild that I sailed through it, and the childcare and work challenges in isolation were truly horrible. I know that I cannot spend another vulnerable postpartum period arguing with family over vaccines, visits, etc. It nearly tore my mental health to shreds last time to have so much conflict. I also know that I might contract COVID again despite our best efforts, just from work/childcare exposure. So here is my plan…

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