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There comes a time in every True Crime viewer’s life when they feel like they’ve explored every case and documentary that exists. While streaming platforms rush to produce more content for their ever-growing audiences, the wealth of information available with regard to the most notorious killers of all time appears to draw producers’ eyes time and time again.
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For those of us tired of the same stories, and the disturbing level of attention these evil creatures have attained, a wealth of criminal content awaits on the World Wide Web. From the French Jack the Ripper to a predator prowling Twitter, there’s a new mystery out there for all tastes and intrigues, and too many victims deserving of cognition.

This article contains references to cases with disturbing themes including child abuse, sexual assault, violence, and murder.

Crime Investigation Australia – Moorhouse Horrors

Known as the most isolated city on Earth, Perth, Australia is a sun-drenched land that boasts the rugged coastline of surfers’ dreams. Like any other city, though, the sprawling suburbs can hide any manner of sins. In 1986, those sins were committed by David and Catherine Birnie.
Over a period of five weeks, the Birnie’s abducted five women between the ages of 15 and 31, who were each raped and murdered except for Kate Moir, their final and surviving victim. Moir’s incredible, brave escape has to be heard to be believed. She no doubt saved the lives of many when she led police to 3 Moorhouse Street. Crime Investigation Australia – Moorhouse Horrors is available to watch on YouTube.


Frontline – Monsters Among Us

Westley Allen Dodd dedicated his life to gaining easy access to young children. The offender meticulously documented his crimes in a diary, including newspaper clippings and detailed accounts of the abuse he enacted. Beginning with indecent exposure at age thirteen, Dodd’s crimes escalated, and despite leaving many, many children haunted and scarred, he was, again and again, the recipient of a slap on the wrist from local law enforcement.
The hero in this story is a man named William “Ray” Graves. On November 13, 1989, he took his girlfriend’s six-year-old son to the movies in Camas, Washington. Dodd intercepted the boy in the restroom and attempted to carry him out, but the crying child drew the attention of staff who followed Dodd to the parking lot. Dodd dropped the boy and fled in his car. As luck would have it, the car broke down a short distance away. Graves, upon learning what had happened from staff, approached Dodd to kindly offer some assistance. Once close enough, he dragged the man, in a headlock, back to the movies, and police were called. Frontline – Monsters Among Us is available to watch on YouTube.

The French Jack the Ripper

Deeply entrenched in true-crime lore are the brutal murders of a never-identified demon – Jack the Ripper. From films like Johnny Depp’s From Hell to insurmountable copycats, Jack remains a pop culture fixture. It may surprise some to learn that he himself was a copycat. Another man prowled the streets, eviscerating ladies of the night just across the Channel, twenty-seven years before. His name was Louis-Joseph Philippe.
Dismissed from the French army due to his alcoholism, Philippe traveled to Paris in 1861 and began his killings soon after. For five years the ‘hardworking’ man led a double life, but his vice slowly became his downfall. The loose-lipped killer once boasted to a waitress in a wine bar, “I am very fond of women… I first strangle them, then I cut their throat.” The French Jack the Ripper is available to watch on YouTube.

The Angel of Death

Exhibiting symptoms of Factitious Disorder Imposed on Self (FDIS) since childhood, British serial killer Beverley Allitt was known to fake injury for the attention and sympathy of others. In her teenage years, this developed into “doctor shopping,” and the removal of her perfectly healthy appendix.
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Allitt went on to study nursing, although her bizarre behavior on work placements prevented her from receiving the qualification. In 1991, she was able to attain a position at the understaffed Kesteven Hospital in Lincolnshire, where she was assigned to Children’s Ward 4. The crimes she committed over a period of 59 days rocked the United Kingdom. Allitt is eligible to apply for parole as of 2022. The Angel of Death is available to watch YouTube.

The Disturbing Case of the House of Horrors Killer

Currently residing on death row, Ohio native Shawn Grate festered a murderous resentment towards his neglectful mother from a young age. The sometimes charming, often depressed teenager was surrounded by female friends and admirers despite his dark side. Grate was first reported to police for choking his then-girlfriend in 1994, at age eighteen.
By the time he was arrested in 2016, the horrific escalation of Grate’s crimes finally came to light. Using women as meal tickets, he moved from relationship to relationship with no desire to do anything other than taking advantage of vulnerable women. In time, this included taking their lives. Grate has confessed to five murders so far. Incredibly, a very brave Jane Doe was able to quietly summon police while kidnaped by Grate, and no doubt saved herself as well as countless other women. The Disturbing Case of the House of Horrors Killer is available to watch YouTube.

Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer

Can a child be born evil? When cases like James Fairweather’s come around, it’s hard not to wonder. Following two seemingly unrelated and brutal murders in Colchester, Essex, the public was on high alert. One year later, a weary dog walker reported a teenager loitering suspiciously close to the second murder site. When police approached the area, they found fifteen-year-old Fairweather wearing rubber-gripped gloves and concealing a knife.
Try as he might for an insanity defense, the teenager had exhibited violence at school and was previously arrested for an armed robbery. The sheer brutality and overkill of the murders speak volumes of Fairweather’s cruelty. Seemingly proud of his crimes, he admitted to being on the prowl for a third victim the morning he was arrested, and had planned the murder of at least ten more people. Britain’s Youngest Serial Killer is available to watch YouTube.

True Story of the World’s Youngest Serial Killer

Born in 1998 in a small farming town of Bihar, India, Amarjeet Sada has been referred to as the world’s youngest serial killer. At age eight, Sada had reportedly taken three lives; that of his six-year-old cousin, and two of his baby sisters. Thankfully, when the youngest victim, six-month-old Kushboo, was reported missing from the local school (daycare), the village stepped in to report their suspicions regarding her older brother and his involvement.
Police initially rejected the idea that a child so young could commit such crimes until the boy calmly led them to the body of his baby sister, who at that time was still considered missing. In India, it is illegal to sentence a child to prison, so he was sent to a remand center until age eighteen. His current whereabouts are unknown. True Story of the World’s Youngest Serial Killer is available to watch YouTube.

The Casanova Killer

The manic 1974 murder spree of Paul John Knowles is hard to comprehend. Raised in foster homes throughout Orlando, Florida, at nineteen he was released from incarceration to the home of his penpal-turned-fiance in San Francisco. Although she had covered his legal fees, the relationship soon ended. Knowles claims this event initiated his murderous rage.
On a taped confession that has since been destroyed by water damage, Knowles admitted to murdering thirty-five children and adults (although only eighteen have been legally attributed to him). The brutal killer garnered the nickname “Casanova” for using his looks and charm to gain the trust of his victims. One of the most bizarre stories from his four-month cross-country tirade comes from his pause to have a three-day fling with British journalist Sandy Fawkes. The Casanova Killer is available to watch YouTube.

The 9 Corpses Case: Japan’s Twitter Serial Killer

Referred to as the “Twitter Killer,” Takahiro Shiraishi took the lives of nine victims between August and October 2017, including three school girls. Where this case gets particularly disturbing is in his methodology – Shiaishi sought out girls who identified themselves online as suicidal and lured them to his home, so he could “watch or assist” in their deaths.
The former “creepy scout” worked as a pimp in Tokyo’s biggest red-light district, Kabukicho. When girls began warning each other about him, Shiaishi relocated to an apartment in Zama in August 2017. It was the determined brother of one of the missing girls, with the help of a female friend, who set up a fake appointment with the killer and finally brought him to justice. The findings in the apartment are sickening. The 9 Corpses Case: Japan’s Twitter Serial Killer is available to watch YouTube.
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