#babysister | #nanny | 9 best XLR microphones 2021: the pro’s choice for superb results in the studio and for live performances

The very best microphones all have one thing in common, they’re hooked up with that king of cable connectors, XLR. Forget USB, disregard TRS, if you’re serious about audio then choosing microphones equipped with XLR connectors is a no-brainer. XLR is the strong, silent type – well-connected, secure and able to wield more than enough power to satisfy even the most voltage-hungry microphone. And that’s why we’ve compiled this guide to the best XLR microphones on the planet right now. 

No other connector-type offers balanced, noise-free operation; phantom power; electrical protection and a simple, yet secure, latch system that will stop anyone from, quite literally, pulling the plug on your performance.

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