#babysister | #nanny | Boy, 4, dies trying to save baby sister from fire

Jordan Caleb Obando Soto, four, threw himself over sister Alessandra Adelaid Obando, four, in a desperate attempt to save her (Picture: CEN)

A four-year-old boy died desperately trying to protect his baby sister from a house fire.

Jordan Caleb Obando Soto, four, and sister Alessandra Adelaid Obando, one, both tragically lost their lives in a blaze sparked by an overheated tablet at their home in Managua, Nicaragua on February 5.

Devastated father Marvin Obando, 24, found his son’s body thrown over the little girl’s in an attempt to shield her from the inferno.

The siblings were rushed to Antonio Lenin Fonseca Hospital, but died within hours of each other.

The house fire was started by an overheated tablet (Picture: CEN)
A firefighter desperately tries to save Jordan (Picture: CEN)

Jordan lost his battle three hours after being admitted after suffering burns to 100% of his body.

Doctors worked through the night to save Alessandra but the toddler passed away the early hours of Thursday morning.

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Mr Obando broke down in tears as he told reporters his little boy was a hero.

He said: ‘The boy was covering his sister when I went in to save my kids. The boy was hugging this girl, he was over her.

‘He threw himself over her because he knew something was going to happen. He protected her.

‘He only survived three hours, my Jordan. My girl, thanks to him, survived until 3.40am. I would like him to be applauded.’

The siblings died hours within hours of each other (Picture: CEN)
Mourners at a vigil held for the two young children (Picture: CEN)

The children’s mother Marbely Soto Castillo, 21, was working when the blaze began.

Rosario Murillo, the Vice-President of Nicaragua, told local media ‘a tablet connected to the mains overheated and caused the fire that cost the life of the two children’.
Baby JoePolice dig at family’s house in hunt for ‘murdered’ toddler believed to be buried thereIt remains unknown what the make and model the tablet was.

A team of firefighters had arrived at the scene but the children had already been taken out of the burning bedroom, according to the General Direction of Firefighters.

The double tragedy has shocked the country, with distraught mourners filling two vigils held for the children on Wednesday and Thursday.

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