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Wayne man jailed for torching ex’s two homes, intimidation

A Wayne County man who is accused of burning both of his ex-girlfriend’s houses in Jones County in December is behind bars facing three felonies.

Kalandrus “Kafari-Laflare” Davis

Kalandrus “Kafari-Laflare” Davis, 33, of State Line is in custody, charged with arson, burglary and intimidating a witness. Local law enforcement had been searching for him since Dec. 2 when he was blamed for burning Cherice Turner’s homes on Mar-ree Drive in North Laurel and on County Barn Road in the Shady Grove Community.

Laurel police captured Davis in a weekend traffic stop, where he was arrested on a warrant for arson and burglary. Judge Kyle Robertson set his bond at $50,000 in Laurel Municipal Court and Davis was released. 

But he was arrested again on Tuesday after the LPD received evidence that Davis made contact with the victim “in an attempt to get her to drop the charges, and she felt intimidated,” Investigator Seth Crabtree of the LPD said.

Davis was released because of a “clerical error,” Cox said, but when the suspect returned to the police station to retrieve some personal items, he was arrested again and charged with intimidating witnesses. He made his initial appearance on that charge Wednesday, and Robertson set his bond at $10,000.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department is in the process of working up charges on Davis, too, Investigator J.D. Carter confirmed.

“Sometimes it takes a while to get people in custody and go forward,” LPD Chief Tommy Cox said. “Things aren’t always instant, and they shouldn’t be if you’re looking at taking someone’s freedom away from them. You have to have your ducks in a row.”

Davis had been eluding multiple law enforcement agencies for several weeks, Crabtree said, but he was taken into custody without incident in the traffic stop last week.

“We’re pretty good at hide-and-seek,” Crabtree said.

Turner provided evidence that developed Davis as a suspect on the night her homes burned. She has been on social media criticizing the speed of the process.

She was critical of the fact that he was released on bond and wrote that when he was released, “this coward offered me money, asked me to drop charges, and still was harassing my baby sister and me,” she wrote. Turner also accused Davis of breaking her nose, but she declined to file charges on him then. She broke off her relationship with him a month before her homes were burned, she wrote.

“He got mad and did this to me because I told him that I wanted to cut all ties with him,” which was going to be tough, she wrote, since they worked together. 

She also called out anyone who was helping Davis avoid justice, calling them “sick in the head” and vowing to continue to seek justice for herself and her daughters.

“This man left me and my kids homeless right before Christmas,” she posted on Facebook. “It’s one thing to burn one house up, but this man burned down both houses in the same night!!”Turner and her children lived in a hotel “for months because I didn’t want to intrude on my family,” she wrote. “All we had left on Dec. 2, 2020 were the clothes on our backs and my vehicle … I’m beyond grateful for everyone that donated to us. Everyone kept telling me to set up a GoFundMe, but I feel like (there are other) people out there that need it more.”

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