#babysister | #nanny | Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 6-20-22: Will Abe and Paulina Make It Down the Aisle?

After disappearing from the canvas for at least a couple of weeks, Abe and Paulina are getting married!

That means Abe is sufficiently healed from being hit over the head, and just as importantly, Paulina is out of jail.

But will these two make it down the aisle on Days of Our Lives during the week of  6-20-22? We certainly hope so. After all the sadness surrounding Abigail’s death, we need some happiness!

It would be easier to be excited about this if Abe and Paulina hadn’t disappeared for the last several weeks.

Days of Our Lives wants their wedding to be part of a Juneteenth commemoration, which is admirable, but it feels like it came out of nowhere.

Last we heard, Paulina was stuck in jail, and Abe had recently gotten out of the hospital. Then… nothing.

This is a prime example of the balance problem that Days of Our Lives needs to fix. When characters evaporate into thin air for several weeks while others air daily, it’s hard to invest in certain stories.

The lack of equal air time makes it feel like Days of Our Lives specializes in chains of random events rather than full-fledged stories.

It’s especially disappointing when they do that with beloved characters like Abe. The man has been widowed for ten years. Let him have his happiness on-screen!

According to the spoiler video, Abe and Paulina plan to get married in front of all their friends and family, with Theo and Olivia returning from elsewhere to attend the festivities — just like last time.

Unfortunately, Paulina has another secret she’s been keeping to protect Lani: Lani is the one who shot TR, not Paulina.

If this secret comes out during the ceremony, which it surely will, more could be at stake than Abe and Paulina’s relationship. This time, the wedding could end with Lani getting arrested.

Abe and Paulina’s story can’t continue to go in circles like this, but at least it’s not all doom and gloom like Abigail’s death. Read on for our complete list of spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 6-20-22.

Jumping the Broom on Juneteenth - Days of Our Lives

Abe and Paulina decide to marry in conjunction with Salem’s first-ever commemoration of the Juneteenth holiday.

In recent years, Days of Our Lives has finally started interjecting Black culture into its Black characters’ lives.

Eli and Lani jumped the broom, which is traditional in their culture, and now Abe and Paulina plan to do the same in conjunction with Juneteenth.

It would be even better if there weren’t this secret hanging over Paulina’s head, but we can’t have everything.

Surrounded Family - Days of Our LIves

Theo and Olivia arrive for the wedding.

These are two of the best secondary characters, and Abe and Paulina will need the support if everything falls apart again.

Olivia will probably have some choice things to say about Paulina’s tendency toward keeping relationship-killing secrets, while Theo will comfort Abe.

Since Theo is also Chad’s nephew who, as a child, couldn’t deal with Abigail being with someone other than Chad during a July 4th celebration, hopefully, he’ll also offer his condolences.

Pushed to the Brink - Days of Our Lives

Lani is pushed to the brink.

According to spoilers, Lani is going to be haunted by TR.

It’s probably a dream sequence rather than a literal ghost, but either way, this’ll push her to reveal the truth.

The only question is whether she will tell on herself or allow someone else to spill the beans.

Hurricane Sami is Back - Days of Our Lives

Sami returns to Salem!

If there wasn’t enough drama swirling around Paulina, Hurricane Sami is back.

Her timing couldn’t be more perfect, with Belle and EJ making strides toward each other and Lucas possibly implicated in Abigail’s murder.

In theory, Sami’s moved on, but there’s no way she will tolerate her baby sister moving in on her ex!

Leo Makes a Deal - Days of Our Lives

Leo makes a deal with Clyde.

Leo has the jewelry taken from Abigail’s room after the murder. Most likely, he saw the killing and stole some things afterward.

But what kind of deal could he make with Clyde?

If Clyde is the killer — which right now, there’s no reason he would be — then Leo could agree not to turn him in if Clyde helps him plant the jewelry on a mutual enemy. 

Clyde hates EJ, and Leo thinks EJ is a wimp. But EJ was recently exonerated after Lucas and Chad framed him for kidnapping Sami, so are we really going to do that again?

Ericole Share A Close Moment - Days of Our Lives

Nicole and Eric share a close moment.

How about not?

Sorry, Ericole fans, but this story feels played out. Nicole and Eric have had more than enough chances to rebuild a relationship, and it always ends in the same place: with Nicole alone and brokenhearted and Eric distant or judgmental of her.

Nicole is with Rafe now. It’s time to let that relationship have a chance to blossom or fade on its own instead of again pushing her and Eric toward each other, only to tear them apart within a few months.

The Twins Fight Over Chanel Again - Days of Our Lives

Johnny and Allie bicker over Chanel.

This spoiler sounds like old news. Johnny and Allie bickered over Chanel a few weeks ago.

They probably won’t have to call a truce to break up a fight between EJ and Lucas this time.

But this behavior is so obnoxious. Hopefully, Chanel will stick to her guns and refuse to make a choice until one or both of them grows up.

Sami Questions Lucas' Odd Behavior - Days of Our Lives

Sami questions Lucas’s odd behavior.

After knowing each other for almost three decades, Lucas should be aware he can’t pull one over on Sami.

According to the spoiler video, he’ll tell her he has a confession to make, but it’s unlikely he’s going to admit he was behind her kidnapping.

Either they’ll get interrupted before he says anything, or he’ll tell her that he fell off the wagon the night Abigail was murdered.

Straight into EJ's Arms / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Shawn drives Belle straight into EJ’s arms.

Belle is supposed to walk in on Jan and Shawn sharing a kiss.

How is Shawn going to make Belle the villain in all this? He can’t claim he only cares about the baby when he’s kissing his son’s mother!

He’ll probably blame the kiss on Belle’s drifting to EJ, which will inspire her to run to EJ for comfort. Another brilliant move, Shawn!

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