#babysister | #nanny | Jennifer Lopez explained why she married Marc Anthony

“We thought that this was where everything was supposed to lead, that we were meant to end up together,” wrote Lopez in her book. “All the heartache and pain of my recent breakup couldn’t have been for nothing, could it? Maybe I had to go through the bad so I could end up with the person I was mean to be with all along,” as stated in “True Love.”

Lopez said in her book that since Anthony felt familiar to her, she thought they were actually supposed to end up together. “And that was the moment when Marc reappeared in my life,” wrote Lopez. “Marc and I had been friends for a number of years. We’d worked together on a few songs, and we’d sung a duet for my first record, titled “No Me Ames” (ironically, “Don’t Love Me” in Spanish). Right from the beginning, he never made it a secret that he liked me,” she wrote in “True Love.”

Lopez said she turned to Anthony since she didn’t want to be alone at this difficult time her in life. “We make our own choices, and I chose to believe that Marc and I were meant to be together—that destiny was stepping in,” wrote Lopez. “In that moment, I needed to believe that; I needed to believe in something. The reality was, I didn’t want to be alone—so when Marc was there, when he met me with his big smile, his heart on his sleeve, and his arms open wide, I was more than happy to let myself fall into them.”

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