#babysister | #nanny | Johnson City Press: Today in Johnson City History: February 19

Feb. 19, 1891: The Comet reported that Sullivan County Sheriff R.S. Cartwright had been been arrested by Carter County officers for needlessly using a pistol while trying to arrest an escaped “bird” from the Blountville jail. The Johnson City newspaper opined that the arrest should be a warning to officers that pistols were not always necessary in making an arrest and should not be used on the “slightest provocation as a great many do.”

Feb. 19, 1903: The home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller was filled with sorrow because a loaded shotgun was allowed into the hands of their 6-year-old son. Mr. Miller had been out looking for a panther that had been heard in the neighborhood, and when he returned to the house, he put the gun under the bed and neglected to eject the loaded shell. While he and Mrs. Miller were out of the room the little boy found the gun and by some means discharged it. The shot took effect in the head of his baby sister, 18 months old, and killed her instantly.

Feb. 19, 1949: Ben Catchings, 35-year-old second baseman from Chattanooga, was named as the new playing manager of the Johnson City Cardinals, Redbird President Carl A. Jones Jr. announced.

Feb. 19, 1955: Johnson City Press-Chronicle Editor George Kelly challenged area residents to fill every seat in the East Tennessee State College gymnasium as the 1955 Preaching Mission drew to a close. “Let those of us who have enjoyed these mighty nightly messages invite a friend who has not been going. Let each of us make an effort to take at least one other person out to the service Saturday, or Sunday – or both nights! ….It will help us. It will help our friends. It will help our community.”

Feb. 19, 1955: Munsey Memorial Methodist Church was soon begin to hold two Sunday morning services in the Fellowship Hall while the new sanctuary was being built.

Feb. 19, 1977: Elvis Presley played to more than 8,000 fans at Freedom Hall Civic Center.

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