#babysister | #nanny | MLB News: Agent Matt Sosnick Arrested for Domestic Violence

By Michelle Ioannou

In fact, it was Pete Alonso‘s agent. We all know what an outstanding guy Alonso is so I am sure he is also shocked by the news and probably already looking for a new agent.

According to TMZ, Matt Sosnick was arrested for domestic violence. He was first arrested on October 8 for domestic violence and misdemeanor child endangerment. He was then arrested again on October 9 for violating a restraining order his wife Erica took out on him for protection.

Erica has also filed for divorce. In these court documents, Erica says that Matt threw her across the room, causing her to crash into a table. He did this while their daughter, who is only nine-years-old, was watching and called her former nanny for help.

This attack caused bruising and swelling on Erica’s arm. There were also red marks on her neck — the shape of handprints — from where Matt had squeezed her neck. The next day he texted Erica saying that he was going to kill himself and adding “My death is on you.”

In an update by TMZ, Erica will be dropping the restraining order on Monday. In a statement made by her attorney, she says, “Upon further reflection and after a period of cooling off, Erica has decided it is in the best interest of the family, and the children in particular, to dismiss the restraining order.”

Domestic violence has been an issue within the MLB community and professional sports in general. This incident should not go ignored.

Alonso is not the only big-name client for Eric’s SCK Sports agency. Blake Snell, Mitch Haniger, Jay Bruce, Will Smith, and Blake Treinen are just some of the other recognizable names.

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