#babysister | #nanny | Who is Brittney Bailey Russell? Murdered Florida teen Tristyn Bailey’s sister says ‘her name WILL live on’

ST JOHNS COUNTY, FLORIDA: Brittney Bailey Russell, the sister of a slain teenager whose remains were found on May 9, has spoken up after the tragedy. In a heartbreaking Facebook post, she said that her baby sister’s “name WILL live on”. Tristyn Bailey’s body was discovered in a wooded area of the Durbin Crossing neighborhood in St Johns County, Florida.

Tristyn, 13, died after being allegedly stabbed by a 14-year-old suspect, Aiden Fucci, who posted a selfie from a police patrol car after she went missing. Tristyn was last seen on surveillance video walking in a residential neighborhood in St Johns at 1.15 am on May 9. Police said that a subject resembling the suspect in the case was seen walking with Tristyn. 


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Tristyn Bailey (Facebook)

Who is Brittney Bailey Russell?

Taking to Facebook, the slain cheerleader’s sister wrote, “I’ve been asked by so many, ‘what can we do to help’ and honestly, nothing will bring her back so our answers have just been open air. I also recognize everyone else needs to grieve through this process like us I will forward this go fund me started by a family friend. Our family has asked for nothing but we have decided with the money that is given, we are going to use it to make memorials for Tristyn.”

She continued: “Her name WILL live on because our baby Bailey was taken far too soon from us. The gifts, prayers, thoughts, messages, donations, hugs and memories shared have been overwhelming, we cannot believe the boundless out cry of support for Tristyn and our family. She DESERVES this and we all know our center of attention queen is looking down freaking out about her MILLIONS of views. We love you so much, it hurts. Aqua Bows forever.”

The GoFundMe page that was shared in her social media post was started by Jennifer Van Delden. The message on the fundraising page reads: “This is a memorial fundraiser for Tristyn Bailey who was incredibly near and dear to so many. Her family has in no way asked for anything, but so many have reached out wanting to help. Thank you in advance for all of your prayers and support.” The GoFundMe page collected $41,529 at the time of writing this article, a lot more than the $20,000 goal. 

Tristyn Bailey (Facebook)

Tristyn disappeared on May 9 morning. Her family reported her missing around 10 am that day. Her remains were found hours later and eventually, 14-year-old Fucci was arrested in connection with her death. The schoolgirl died of “force trauma by stabbing” and her death was ruled a homicide, according to the medical examiner, the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office announced on May 11. It has been reported that both the teenagers went to the same school — Patriot Oaks Academy.

Fucci has been pressed with a second-degree murder charge. He was virtually presented before Judge Richard Orfinger at a detention center in Volusia County on May 11, where his detention terms were read out. The judge stated, “I do find that there is probable cause to believe the offense occurred and at this time I am going to order that Mr Fucci be detained by the department of juvenile justice in secure detention for 21 days or until further order of the court.”

Aiden Fucci appeared virtually in court on May 11 (County Regional Detention Center)

During the court appearance, the schoolboy first appeared to control his tears, but when the judge asked his parents to pay $5 for every day that he was at the center, he reportedly rolled his eyes. Besides, it is not yet clear if he will be tried as an adult. If he is treated as an adult during the case proceedings and in case he is convicted, he could face life behind bars for the alleged murder.

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