Bad Arnie – Episode 2 STRANGER DANGER

Matt & Officer Safety help Arnie, the monkey, learn why it’s important not to talk to strangers. Buy “Stranger Danger Rap” MP3 at:…


15 thoughts on “Bad Arnie – Episode 2 STRANGER DANGER

  1. jlschut

    Daughter and I love both this and the “Sharing” episodes. Is this only
    shown on You Tube, or can this be seen on TV? Thanks!

  2. The Ghost Script - Children's Videos

    @jlschut it is exclusive to Youtube actually, however once we get enough
    episodes we are gonna put together a DVD. Maybe someday it will be on TV!

  3. The Ghost Script - Children's Videos

    Episode 3 the Christmas Special is now in preproduction and should be
    finished and uploaded before december 1st.

  4. DianaDai39

    @corrosivehp Hey i hope you can get this on Sprout! I understand there’s a
    lot involved but HURRY will ya? my 3 yr old son is especially anxious to
    watch more =)

  5. lovealkalinetrio

    V that’s what happens when you leave your tot alone with your iPhone. Matt,
    I just gotta say. My daughter loves your videos and music. 🙂

  6. The Ghost Script - Children's Videos

    @DianaDai39 on sprout? what is sprout? We already have the script for the
    xmas episode finished, we are going to film on the 5th and hopefully have
    the episode out by the end of november.

  7. The Ghost Script - Children's Videos

    tell her thanks for watching. I’m working on Five Little Speckled Frogs
    right now and Bad Arnie Episode 5

  8. adamkr402

    lol, good stuff. my little boy loves all of youre videos. dont listen the
    the haters. keep doing what you do!

  9. DianaDai39

    @corrosivehp I keep trying to respond to this and it hasn’t let me for some
    reason. I’ll try again. Sprout is on PBS kids, its a line up of shows, some
    are somewhat short and original like yours, and is often introduced by a
    couple of monkeys, which i think would be so fun if they introduced Bad
    Arnie- I wonder if you could look into it/submit your show… who knows?
    that would be great though! ^v^