21 thoughts on “Bad Teacher Toilet Scene

  1. cac123ish

    As hot as she is, I would love to see her sitting on the toilet and hear
    her explode. She can stink up my bathroom anytime.

  2. Jeremy Beaugrand

    Found myself wondering why I was wasting my time watching this clip and
    then: “Holy fuck I thought she was never going to leave” It was MORE than
    worth it! 😀

  3. Nikki Gloom

    ffs.. i did that crazy shit when i was 13 dieting at camp ate hot dogs and
    did that shit at day camp as we sat waiting for the camp counselor, mhmm he
    finished talking and excused us all in our group which sat under a pavilion
    at the end of the day. i let it go so fucking loud i swear it was about 30
    seconds long like a godamn machine gun. when i was done everyone had left
    but my group mates were like WTFFFFFFFF a remember a russian girl going
    “holy fuck bitch! ” cussing in russian and laughed.

  4. Nikki Gloom

    i hate to say this but i farted that loud once after my job ended in the
    mall bathroom.- apparently the food court never changed the oil. but yeah
    scared 30 girls in the bathroom. no one saw me, no one knew. thank god. i
    never ate there again. thank god there is an icon next to this name.

  5. GottagitchaGROOOVEon

    ” Later we’ll all die said the gator to the fly ” Im gonna say that from
    now on 🙂

  6. BlackSnakeMoan66

    Funniest part was not the shit scene, but when she sits in the urinal. It’s
    a great WTF moment.