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Baltimore Child Abuse Center seeking donations

That is exactly what the Baltimore Child Abuse Center is hoping people will do. The center takes care of families who find themselves in traumatic situations, and often times that means a child being removed from their home.

So, those at the center are doing all they can to help the children during the holiday and beyond.

This includes having necessities ready at a moment’s notice. The center has backpacks filled with items like toothpaste, diapers and pajamas, just some of things a child may need when they are taken from their home unexpectedly.

“Many of them have faced a traumatic experience and we want to make sure they have the tools to move forward,” said Danielle Randall, with the Baltimore Child Abuse Center. “Sometimes they come with (just) the clothes they have on their back.”

So these everyday items can make a huge difference. To help with those needs, the Baltimore Child Abuse Center just started Project ARK: Awesome and Ready Kids.


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