Ben Howland excited about new Bulldog basketball squad | #schoolshooting

Deivon Smith (Photo: 247Sports)


Howland: As I mentioned, we’ve been practicing for the last month and this past week was our first (official) practice and this is the second week now of official practice. So I’ve seen our freshmen a lot. They’re improving and they’re getting better.

The guy who has really been coming on and doing a lot of positive things for his team the last couple of weeks has been Cameron Matthews out of Olive Branch. He is a very good defender, a good rebounder. He is the best matchup every day, for example, guarding D.J. Stewart. No one else on our team comes close to what he does, defensively, trying to match up with D.J.

And he’s a guy that can play multiple positions and he can guard one through four. He is 6-6, 225 pounds, really strong, handles it well, makes good decisions with the ball and does all the little things that help your team win. So he’s done a great job and I’m really excited about his progress.

Deivon (Smith), we’ve been expecting him from the beginning to play an important role, which he will. The other freshmen, I am excited about Keondre Montgomery‘s jumpshot. He came in here shooting a set shot and he’s been shooting that set shot, his high school set shot. That really doesn’t work at this level and we got him bought in the last week or so to shoot his jumpshot. Yesterday he was 3 of 4 from three shooting a jumpshot. That is his future to be a really good player at this level of basketball.

But I like all the freshmen and I really like our class. Good kids, hard workers, great work ethic and they’ve got really good leadership to follow. So it’s really been positive.

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