Bikers Against Child Abuse bike to Austin

The Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) will help break the chains of abuse, by biking 740 miles to Austin, where their Fourth Annual Breaking the Chains Across Texas Rally will be held.

The Rio Grande Valley chapter of motorcyclists, one of 28 in Texas, will depart at 6 p.m. Friday from the Flying J truck stop at 1305 E. Monte Cristo Road in Edinburg.

From there, the motorcyclists will begin their ride to rally in Austin. The rally, hosted by Cowboy Harley-Davidson of Austin and Buell of Austin, will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday at 10917 S IH 35 Frontage Road in Austin. It will not only provide food, drinks, live music and biker festivities to the public, but will help benefit the lives of more than 400 children by giving them all of the proceeds so that they may attend the B.A.C.A Texas children’s camp.

The weekend-long camp, which takes place once every summer, allows these children and their families to gather in a fun and safe environment. The B.A.C.A provides all the essentials such as food, entertainment, tents and other camping essentials. If necessary, the international, U.S.-based, volunteer organization will also pay for the families’ travel.

“We empower children by making them “brothers and sisters” in our organization,” said Daddy LongLegs, vice president of the Bikers Against Child Abuse, Rio GrandeValley chapter. “They receive road names, vests, and a signed pillowcase to help remind them of our presence in their lives.”

Oftentimes, many children who have experienced abuse become repressed, forgetting what it’s like to be a child. The B.A.C.A. helps remind them what it means to be one, offering support when it’s needed.

“We accompany them to court when they have to testify against the perpetrator,” Daddy LongLegs said. “Often this is a very hard thing for a child to have to do and having a bunch of bikers that are brothers and sisters there helps them to get through it.”