Bill Hagerty holds campaign event at Johnny’s Burgers, receives endorsement from Mayor Durrett | #schoolshooting

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (CLARKSVILLENOW) – United States Senatorial candidate Bill Hagerty visited Clarksville this weekend for a Kick-Off the Vote event at Johnny’s Burgers where he received an endorsement from County Mayor Jim Durrett.

Hagerty last visited Clarksville in July as a Republican Primary candidate and spoke at the Clarksville Country club with Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Having since clinched the party nomination, Hagerty said he was glad to return to Clarksville, the city where his parents met.

Hagerty has positioned himself in the race as a ‘Trump conservative,” who will support the President’s agenda in the Legislative Branch.

COVID-19 and economic recovery

Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Hagerty has often focused on the economic impact the virus has had on Tennessee, stressing the importance of “opening up” the state.

When asked if news of President Donald Trump, as well as members of the White House staff, testing positive for COVID-19 had changed his views on the virus, Hagerty was mostly optimistic.

“My perspective on precautions has been the same all along,” said Hagerty. “My prayers and my family’s prayers go to the president and his family and everybody that has been effected by this. I think that we are all in agreement that we don’t want to see another person infected with this virus. I am very optimistic about the progress we are making toward a vaccine, and frankly, some of the things in trial right now could be an outright cure for people that have it.”

“I am hopeful that we will get over the hurdle very soon and get a vaccine in progress; meanwhile, people need to be careful, but we can’t afford another shutdown.

Hagerty calls SCOTUS confirmation “critically important”

Hagerty also addressed the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, which he said was “critically important” to the GOP strategy.

“I do, but I feel good about the momentum and the progress there as well. We’ve got a very qualified jurist in Judge Amy Cohen Barrett, and I think that the process has been laid out, that they’re going to move through the process and I look forward to her being confirmed,” said Hagerty.

Barrett’s nomination has been a controversial topic in recent weeks with the presidential election is less than 5 weeks away. Many have criticized GOP leadership who, four years ago fought opposed President Barrack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland on March, 16 2016, nearly 8 months prior to the year’s election.

Durrett offers endorsement, “I am going to support my friends”

County Mayor Jim Durrett was present at the event to introduce Hagerty and offer his endorsement.

“[Bill] is endorsed by President Trump and by Senator [Marsha] Blackburn. He is a Christian, and he is going to be our next United States senator. I know Bill will work hand in hand with President Trump and Senator Blackburn to preserve our conservative values, and to push back against the liberal radicals that are trying to push all of these crazy policies on us.”

This week, Durrett released a letter endorsing Tennessee District 67 Representative Jason Hodges, who is running for reelection this year, calling Hodges and his wife Diana “true public servants.”

When asked about his endorsement of Hodges, a Democrat, and Hagerty, a Republican, Durrett that his support was based on the individual, not the party.

“A lot of people may criticize me for that, but Jason is a good good friend of mine, and I am going to support my friends. I am going to support good people. Bill is a great person and so is Jason,” said Durrett.

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