Bill To Enforce Student Privacy In Colleges

Members of Oregon’s congressional delegation released a draft a bill Thursday, aimed at protecting the privacy of students when they are involved in a legal dispute with a college.

Earlier this year, a student at the University of Oregon filed a lawsuit against the school for mishandling her rape case.

The school found three basketball players responsible and kicked them out. But nobody was ever found guilty of any crime.

What particularly upset people was that in preparing to defend itself, the university got the student’s health records from the university health clinic and sent them to its attorneys.

The U.S. Department of Education has since drafted guidelines saying schools generally shouldn’t do that.

But Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden said guidelines are optional.

“A guidance doesn’t carry the weight, it doesn’t carry the influence that an actual federal law with teeth can contain.”

The school has since entered into a settlement agreement with the student and says it’s hiring additional staff to prevent sexual violence.