Body Positivity Didn’t Exist Before Gen-Z Social Media | #socialmedia | #children

When I joined Instagram in 2011, my feed was filled with low-quality photos posted by my friends. The main focus was dogs, food, and social events. The platform was soon infiltrated by bloggers, brands, and celebrities — a process hastened by how easy it was to monetize content. Once again I was surrounded by images that set high and unattainable expectations for my body. Then I came across Gabi Gregg’s profile, and everything changed. In her bio, Gregg describes herself as the “OG Fat Girl,” and to me these words could not be more resonant. She was the first person I found on Instagram who was unapologetically herself, despite the way the world talked about plus-size bodies. I was in awe of her and wanted to know more about the body positivity movement and community. 

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