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Everyone seemed to have an opinion about whether Donna Fox was fit to be a mother.

Her rheumatoid arthritis hits every joint in her body from her jaw to her toes. With it came the kind of chronicpain that makes it more difficult to unbuckle car seats, twist off baby bottle tops, and lift children from the ground.

It did not, however, make it more difficult for her to love and care for her two sons after she gave birth. 

The Louisville woman’s words are bold and proud as she shares her story in a recently published anthology from the Center for Accessible Living Inc. about families with parents who have disabilities. “A Celebration of Families: Stories of Parents with Disabilities” highlights30 different testimonies that profile families with a variety of disabilities.

“A physically healthy family doesn’t necessarily translate into a good family,” Fox writes in the book, which is currently for sale on “Not everyone is capable of being a good parent, but a disability has little to do with it.”

As you flip through the pages of the anthology, that theme appears quite a bit.

Donna Fox gave birth to two sons, and she considers them both miracles.

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Dave Matheis, with the Center for Accessible Living in Louisville, began compiling the collectionof stories last spring. In the pages, you hear from people with mental illness, vision impairments, deafness, mobility issues and missing limbs, among other existing healthconditions. 

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