Boris Johnson bigs up parenting skills ‘I’m very fast at changing nappies | Politics | News | #parenting

The PM, 57, admitted wife Carrie, 34, “does far more” when it comes to sharing the workload of parenting children Wilf, two, and Romy, 17 months. But in an interview with Mumsnet chief Justine Roberts, he said: “I’m doing a lot at the moment and I’m saying that without any fear of inhibition or fear of contradiction.

“I can tell you I’ve changed a lot of nappies recently. I’m very fast, by the way.”

Outlining how he balances being a father to a toddler and a baby while being Prime Minister, he told Justine: “I think the more you put in, the more you get out.

“Carrie obviously does more than I do, I’m not going to conceal that fact from you. She does far, far more than I do.

“But I think if you really sat her down and interrogated her, she would admit I do quite a lot too.”

Mr Johnson also revealed his favourite books to read Wilf were the Dr Seuss series – and could not resist a political plug. Quoting The Cat In The Hat Comes Back, he said: “This was no time for play, this was no time for fun, this was no time for games, there was work to be done – which is our motto in Number 10.

“There’s work to be done.”

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