Boy dies from choking game

A Colorado Springs family is mourning the loss of their 12-year-old son who died playing a dangerous game.…


25 thoughts on “Boy dies from choking game

  1. Sky Carrot

    i play it where u hold your breath and cross arms over chest. someone
    pushes on your chest really hard and you pass out for like 5 sec at the
    most. done it tons of times. is there a different way? cuz im confused

  2. Allison Pearson

    I know what it feels like, my friend paige nicole klick died of the CHOKING
    game not passout game from accidental self suffocation on may 27 2011

  3. Jeff Duvall

    My son was on the honor roll at his jr. high. He died of this. FUCK YOU AND

  4. Summerluver100

    I luv it. It’s so much fun! But I’ve only done it a few times since
    yesterday. I just started. I can already tell that I’m starting to get
    addicted. It’s time to stop. This game is fun but really bad :/

  5. skeeterjackbug

    Because the risk of death for a few minutes of “fun” is totally worth it.
    -1 resident of the stupid gene.

  6. JanDorothy

    I have contacted a federal agency. They are going to look into the matter
    and then get back to me. I’ll keep you posted. If there is any agency you
    can think of to call, it cannot hurt to give them a try too. If we speak
    out loud enough, we will be heard eventually. Surely there are many
    concerned parents who would be willing to get involved.

  7. SK4869

    if there is anything i can do to help, you know that i will be there in a
    heartbeat as i have Battled many times without any Success trying to rid
    Youtube of these Very Dangerous & Stupid Acts of Evil, and the funniest
    thing on the ” Choke out ” Video by “rachelstarlive” seems they didn’t like
    what i had to say & well they have now Blocked me from ever Commenting
    again.that was a turning Point as it made me more determined than ever to
    Rid of these Very Evil acts that are to me SINFUL. SHAME ;'(

  8. SK4869

    Thank You so much for replying me as i had thought all my Protesting had
    fallen on Deaf ears with only few friends really Caring as i was very much
    Angry inside knowing that these Dangerous Acts of Choking are Sadly taking
    too many young Lives, and we must do something NOW before it really gets
    out of Control.Youtube have a Policy regarding their Video’s well it
    Doesn’t seem to appear there are any Issues Regarding Choking Video’s. WHAT

  9. 01277654793

    woooow ur fucking everywhere on youtube… commenting everywhere??? u
    youtube more than me ddaaaaaaamnnnn

  10. Hans Bauer

    leute? Lasst den scheiß ich habe das 2 ma gemacht und bin beide ma
    aufgewacht aber 10 sec ohnmacht. das ist gefährlich!