Brevard #optician accused of #possessing #child #pornography

A Brevard County optician and missionary well-known for his work with children is in jail on child pornography charges.

David Bressette is pleading not guilty to 10 counts of possessing or viewing material depicting child sexual conduct. Bressette is connected with multiple eye care businesses in Brevard County, including Seacrest Optical in Cocoa Beach, which was closed on Thursday.

Investigators said there is no connection between the business and the alleged crimes.

An arrest report detailed the charges, saying Bressette had illegal images on a phone or computer.

The report said several of the images or videos contained sexual battery involving prepubescent children.

“One of the family members accidentally observed some images on an electronic device that belonged to the suspect. When they saw the image they noticed it was child pornography,” said Tod Goodyear, of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Bressette is also known for his missionary work with an organization called Through Eyes of Children; news articles and the organization’s website said he has helped correct the vision of many poor Central American kids.

A pastor at a church that sponsors the missionary trips said he was shocked at the allegations, and points out Bressette is presumed innocent under the law.

In court Thursday, a judge ordered a $15,000 bail and set restrictions if Bressette is freed.

Bressette faces 10-15 years in prison if convicted.