Brisbane dad shares video of daughter’s school fight | #students | #parents

A dad has shared a shocking video of his daughter being bashed at school while a circling crowd cheers them on.

Chris Blume posted footage of his daughter, a year 7 student at Calamvale Community College in Brisbane, being punched by another student who the father claims is in year 10.

The crowd around the two girls and the student filming the video can be heard urging on the fight as Mr Blume’s daughter is repeatedly punched.

As she starts to fight back, another student then jumps in to defend the older student, while a third also appears to be involved.

“So, this happened today,” Mr Blume posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

“[Two] grade 10 girls fighting a year 7 … real tough.

“The girls attacked my daughter yet again, so [she] started fighting back.

“The bigger issue is that the teachers just stand there and watch.”

A girl is seen punching another in a video of a fight at Calamvale Community College. Source: Facebook

Mr Blume said Calamvale Community College should be “ashamed” and it had been going on for months.

“If it’s not a certain few kids causing the issue, it’s their mates because the culprits were suspended and this is the repercussions for doing it by the school rules. At least [my daughter] stood her ground. Good on her, but she shouldn’t have to,” he said.

The father added over the past few months the school told him the “troublemakers” would be removed.

“After a few days, it’s the same scenario,” he said.

Mr Blume told the Today Show the video was confronting to watch.

Dad says teachers did nothing to stop fight

“I was a bit worried, a bit concerned and partially mortified and at the same time I was proud because she stood her ground,” he said.

“Those other girls, one of them was from year 10 on that video and the second that stepped in was from year 7.

“There was a male teacher in the background and on the very far right of the video there is another female teacher.”

From what Mr Blume could see in the video he thought none of the teachers tried to break the fight up.

“The school has told me it’s illegal for teachers to touch students, even to break up a fight however weeks ago they did, they grabbed my daughter away from another student attacking her so was that assault then or was it not?”

One of the girl’s fathers accused the teachers of doing nothing to break up the fight. Source: Facebook

Calamvale Community College has not responded to Yahoo News Australia’s request for comment, however principal Lisa Starmer told The Courier-Mail the video did not reflect the school’s values.

“Any situation that threatens the safety and wellbeing of students, staff or others in our school community is treated extremely seriously, and dealt with as a matter of priority,” she told the publication in a statement.

“The video that is being shared within our community and on social media does not reflect the strong values that are hallmark of Calamvale Community College.”

She added the circumstances surrounding the video were being investigated.

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