Brookfield school board hits pause on armed school officers vote | #Education

BROOKFIELD — The Board of Education won’t make any hard and fast decision on armed security in the schools until it can see a detailed plan, despite some members pushing to act swiftly.

A motion to authorize hiring four armed security officers to work across the schools failed because the majority of board members felt the proposal was ambiguous.

“The one thing we’ve done well as a board is say, write it down, define it and then we’ll approve it,” Chairman Bob Belden said. “I feel like we’re inventing things on the fly.”

Belden asked for Superintendent John Barile and Chief of Police John Puglisi to present in detail how much it would cost, what the training protocols and standards would be, and what best practices for school security in Brookfield look like.

“These are all questions people have raised and we haven’t defined our proposal,” Belden said. “Before I can vote on it, I’d like to have that fleshed out.”

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