Brooklyn Couple Arrested After Refusing to Wear Masks on Ferry | #teacher | #children | #kids

A Brooklyn couple was arrested for disorderly conduct Saturday night after an hourlong standoff on a New York City ferry where they refused to wear masks and complained they were unfairly targeted. “If we were fucking Black, I can guarantee you that guy would never come out and tell us put a mask on,” one half of the couple told Gothamist. Citing medical conditions they later refused to specify or show documentation for, the couple, whose last names were not given by a police spokesperson, said they were planning to sue the ferry company and had already brought suit against the MTA for a similar scenario on the bus. Fellow ferry riders grew impatient as they refused to leave. “Take them off the boat, we got to go home,” one passenger said, imploring the police to remove them, according to Gothamist.

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