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A 31-year-old New York teacher found herself behind bars after a former student accused her of kissing and touching her inappropriately.

Steven Perez was arrested at around 11:19 a.m. in Brooklyn on Thursday. He has been charged with acting in a manner harmful to a child and with harassment, the New York Daily News reported. The abuse lasted for four years, according to the victim.

The student, now 19, approached police alleging that the abuse occurred while she was their student. Police say the incident happened at Fort Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge from 2017 until June.

Perez reportedly kissed the teenager when she was just 15. Around the same time, in another incident, Perez grabbed the teenager’s waist and touched her stomach and thighs, according to the victim. The victim is no longer his student.

After the incident was revealed, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education released a statement. He read that Perez had been reassigned from school as the department undertook “the necessary procedures” to fire him.

“The safety of our students is our top priority, and we are fully cooperating with the police department to help with the investigation,” the spokesperson added in the statement.

Perez was due to be brought to justice in Brooklyn Criminal Court, reports added.

Several such incidents have been reported in New York City schools over the past year. A month ago, a Brooklyn teacher was arrested for allegedly kissing a 13-year-old boy on the lips at school. Michael D’Anna, 41, reportedly kissed the student at school, prompting a shocked deputy principal who witnessed the act to immediately call the police.

D’Anna, a full-time teacher, was charged with child sexual abuse and expelled from school.

Last week, another teacher was accused of groping a student at a New York City school. Miguel Semidey, 42, was arrested last week for forced touching, sexual abuse and harmful behavior towards a child.

Police said the victim, a high school student from Williamsburg, walked into a police station last Thursday and told officers Semidey grabbed his chest. He was arrested outside the school grounds the next day.

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