Bucyrus Board of Education President resigns | #Education

By June 1, 2021 10:19 pm

BUCYRUS—Dave Jones, Bucyrus Board of Education President, announced his resignation from the board on Sunday evening on his ‘Dave Jones for Bucyrus City School Board’ page.

“To the Bucyrus Community: After a great deal of thought, I have decided to step down from my position on the Bucyrus City Schools’ Board of Education.   As an elected official, I feel it is important to make sure the Bucyrus Community hears this from me as I ultimately report to you.

This has been a difficult last few years for all involved with the pandemic and the various challenges that plagued our school district and the overall local community.  As some of you know, I have struggled to deal with the stress and strain involved with such challenges.  This has caused a number of escalating issues related to my overall well-being and it is not something I can overlook any longer.   I feel it is in the best interest of my family, myself, and the board to take this step back.

I truly love this district!  We have great students, teachers, and staff in the Bucyrus City School District.   They are the foundation of all the great things that will come for our entire Bucyrus Community.  I will continue to be an outspoken advocate for our students as well as an involved parent and active school community member over the coming years.  I just need to do this in a different way.  I would invite you to join me in this continued endeavor to stay involved as our school community and most importantly our students are certainly worth it!

I do want to thank you for the support you have given me over the years and the continued support for our students!   Go Redmen! Dave Jones,” Jones’ full statement read.

The board of education held a special meeting on Tuesday evening via Zoom to accept his resignation.

“I would just like to thank Dave for his contributions to the board these past 17 months. When Dave and I started this journey two years ago, we were complete strangers, and then we ended up being coworkers and then eventually came on the board together. During that time, we not only became colleagues, but we became really good friends,” board member Randy Blankenship said.

Another fellow board member, John Kime, also commented on Jones’ resignation, “Randy, Dave, and Christa came on at possibly the worst time we’ve ever seen to be a new board member, handling one of the worst crises I hope we all ever live to see,” Kime began. “You guys were kind of baptized by fire more so than the average, everyday board member would have been. Have to thank Dave for his time because I know he took time away from family and he gave it to us, so thank you.”

Mr. Jones was one of three board members who joined in January of 2020 after being elected the previous November. Jones spent the whole time as the President of the Board.

“He provided important leadership through the pandemic and mascot review and assisted with the record-setting agreement with B.O.S.S. We appreciate Dave’s service to the district and wish him the best,” Superintendent Matt Chrispin said.

The nomination was made by John Kime to appoint Christa Graves as the Board Vice President, and Deb Hoover seconded it.

The board should have an individual they would like to appoint to the board at the next meeting. Should that member wish to stay on the board, they will have to register themselves in and be voted for in the November election, or else his or her term will be from June until December.

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