Buffalo’s #sex offender #task force stepping up #efforts to stop #child sex #abuse

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The City of Buffalo’s Sex Offender Task Force is out in full force.

The Buffalo Police Department is investigating four separate stranger danger incidents in the last month, all within the same area of the city.

In early November two 14 year-old girls were approached by a black man in a gold vehicle. After asking personal questions, authorities say the man took off.

Three days later, police say three black men jumped out of their car and chased a 13 year-old girl waiting at a bus stop. She was able to get away from the suspect.

Wednesday, a 15 year-old girl was at a bus stop when she was forcibly taken by a white man. Officials say she was choked unconscious and woke up somewhere else.

Friday morning two more girls were approached by a black man near Main and W. Chippewa Street.

No arrests have been made in any of the four cases.

“It’s terrible, after the first one there should’ve been more presence,” said Malcolm Bulls, Buffalo Sex Offender Awareness Task Force.

“This has become an epidemic in the City of Buffalo. It seems that our children can’t even walk the streets anymore because of fear, our children, our young girls can’t walk by themselves when they should be able to enjoy life,” said Rev. Andre Scott, Buffalo Sex Offender Awareness Task Force.

The sex offender task force says the government needs to give more access to predator’s profiles.

“We know that there’s an alarming rate of those being released from prison into our communities without our knowledge. Those who are predators and went to jail come back and do the same thing again,” said Scott.

The task force says more police presence is needed. They are warning parents to monitor their child’s social media.

“It appears that social media is playing a big part in these children being approached and sexually abused and we need more vigilance in the community,” said Bulls.

If a child has been sexually abused there is help out there. You can call the Sex Offender Registry Awareness Task Force at (716) 256-3011.