‘A bully has taken my son to death’ Grieving Mom Mourns Over Son Who Hanged Himself Due To Bullying

There is nothing more painful for a mother than to send her own son to his grave.

Mayra Rodriguez, a mother of six children, was still in disbelief when she found her son’s dead body hanging inside his closet. His 11-year-old son Julio committed suicide because he cannot stand the pressure his school bullies are giving him. Furthermore, it was reported that his abusers were forcing him to sell illegal drugs which he refused to do.

Mayra claimed that her sixth grader in L.V. Stockard Middle School in Dallas has been very sweet and sensitive child. However, prior to the incident, she noticed that there was a sudden change in his behavior. He started to hit the tables and walls. She also noticed that he had become too aggressive. The boy also started asking her about her reaction if he would suddenly engage in a fist fight in school.

The mother did not expect that the situation was already worst enough that Julio had to take his own life. She just instructed her son to go to their school teacher and counselor to talk about the problem. She told him that she was sending him to school to learn and not to make some trouble.

Mayra failed to realize the gravity of the scenario until she saw her son hanging himself to death in his room. She was about to check on his kids in their beds when she saw the most painful thing she had ever seen as a mother.

“I lost my baby. Seeing him on a rope just kills me”, Mayra told WFAA, an American news network.

Mayra also expressed concern about the school’s lack of action. Mayra’s other son who is the closest to his Julio also said that he has been experiencing bullying in school. However, he does not have any idea that Julio has been subjected to intense bullying. The family also claimed that they are aware that bullying exists in the school but it was more of a mental pressure. Students were called ugly and given names.

According to Daily Mail, Julio tried to reach for the help of the school administration. However, they did not act immediately on the case.

Meanwhile, Mayra still grieves for his child as she did not expect that the situation grew worse without her knowledge especially because she is confident that her family is very loving one.

“Our house is not an aggressive environment. We are a very loving family. I don’t know how this escaped out of our hands,” Myra said.

She then asked all parents to stay more attentive to their kids. She also reminded them to take bullying more seriously as it may cost the lives of their own children.

“Pay attention to bullying, a bully has taken my son to death. I’m in pain, my family’s in pain and the community is in pain,” she added.