Bullying is a #crime! This poor #kid had #suffered #enough and he finally #decided to stand up against his bully

Violence has never been the answer to solve any conflict unless in special circumstances where it could tolerably solve some problems. Here’s an incident about two schoolboys, one a victim, the other a bully and how the former overcame the other by finally standing up to the bullying. You can decide for yourself at the end of this tale if the victims’ actions were justified or not.

This kid had been a victim of bullying since the first year of school. Although, the victim would silently endure it and not take revenge on his aggressor, eventually, the bully took it too far.

The bully wasn’t letting the victim get on the bus to get back home, even after the little boy repeatedly asked him politely to move aside. Things then got physical as the aggressor pushes the boy with so much force that he tripped. When he tries to get back up, he kicks him in the stomach and punches him in the face.

This was it, the boy could not stand it any longer. He rushed towards the bully and proceeded to teach the bully a lesson. It was this very moment that the tables were turned and finally, the bully was put in place. However, both the students were taken to the principle and were suspended for three days.

The victims’ parents were shocked as they had written records of several instances when he was constantly provoked. However, the victim’s father made it clear he would not be punishing his son and instead would call it three days of leisure.

The victim was even taken out by his cousin go-karting and fun activities on the last day of his suspension. It’s up to you to decide if the victims’ actions were right, or should he have continued to live as a human punching bag.