Bullying Needs to Stop


People in this society are getting bullied more and more as time goes on and no one is doing anything about it. People start to get bullied from the age of three on and it never stops. Kids can be really cruel to the point where other kids don’t want to live anymore because they think that no-one is here to support them.

But in reality if you look around all of your family and friends love you and support you. Kids in middle schools and high schools start clubs and and tell adults, but nothing helps. People are either the bully, victims, or side standers. If you see bullying happen, right away you should tell an adult but people don’t because then they think that the bully will bully them too. Also tell an adult if you are being bullied. People don’t tell on bullies because they think that it will make the situation worse and more difficult on people.

There are four different types of bullying Social, Physical, Emotional, and Cyber. Social bullying is when you are not wanted and get talked about behind your back. Physical bullying is when you have physical contact with another person daily. Emotional bullying is abuse that is emotional such as manipulation, and refusal to be pleased. Cyber bullying is when people hide behind the computer and bully you. 160,000 people stay home each day across the world because of bullying and 3.2 million stay home each year because of bullying.

People across the world get bullied and they don’t tell their parents so their parents can’t do anything about it. If kids would tell their parents or adults they could actually save themselves. All in all, if you tell an adult or a parent that you see someone get bullied and that it is happening every day you could save a life. No matter how different people are or how weird they look it is not ok to bully someone. From being a victim of bullying I have learned that it will never go away.

But no matter what, if you don’t pay attention to it, it won’t happen as much. Just always be yourself and let yourself shine because people in life will never like you but you will always have people who love you. We need to stop bullying for good.