#Burnett charged with #sexual #abuse of a #child

Emily Burnett has been charged in Great Falls with two counts of sexual abuse of children.

Court documents allege that Burnett “knowingly coerced, enticed, persuaded, arranged for, or facilitated a child under 16 years of age to travel within the state of Montana with the intention of engaging in sexual conduct, actual or simulated, by posing for child pornography.”

In early March, an 11-year old girl told investigators that Burnett asked her if she wanted to be a model, and that she had a friend who was a photographer. The child said the man would take photos of them in his basement. including nude photos of the child and Burnett.

According to court documents, the child told investigators that there were times when the man would take off his pants and touch himself, and said Burnett told her it was OK if she looked.

The young girl also told investigators that the photographer gave Burnett “paper money” and that Burnett used the money to buy drugs, with the child present.

Court documents say that the child provided graphic descriptions of the photographer masturbating, and also described in detail how Burnett would use drugs.

Court documents note that Burnett does no longer have access to the child.

We have requested a booking photo from the Cascade County Detention Center, and will add it to this article once we receive it.