Cache County parents arrested in child abuse investigation

 New details are emerging in a case of suspected child abuse involving a couple in Cache County. The two were arrested earlier in September, but more charges could be filed soon once their investigation is finished.

On September 5, police along with child and family service went to a Hyde Park home and after interviewing a 7-year-old boy, and collecting evidence the parents were arrested and booked into jail.

Court documents show the child had been locked into a room for long periods of time AND was denied meals.

“This is an awesome neighborhood it’s really quiet people are really caring and so yeah it was kind of surprising to hear that was happening just down the street,” said Elizabeth Ohling, neighbor.

Neighbors say they’re shocked by the details of allegations against Paulette and Craig Boersma. The couple was arrested after a tip led police to investigate allegations of child abuse.
Court documents state the 7-year-old boy told police he was locked in a room for long periods of time, in some cases without food. The room had no carpet, or bedding, and the boy told police he was forced to sleep naked with only one blanket.

As punishment, the “parents put him in an ice cold shower telling him “I hope you remember how this feels,” according to court documents.

Paulette allegedly told investigators she had a live stream camera with a microphone so she could communicate with the boy in his room, and to wave his arms when he wanted to speak with them. The child told police sometimes he wouldn’t be let out to use the bathroom.

“{He} stated that he would then have to pee in the room where the camera that is set up in the room does not see.”

Chief Kim Hawkes says they’re waiting for the electronics they seized to be returned from the crime lab before they turn over the full investigation to prosecutors. Chief Hawkes says cases like this is why it’s important for people to report if they think something is wrong with a child.

“Recommend that you call because we’d just as soon check it out and make sure everything is OK rather than oh well it’s probably nothing. Then find out later it really was something serious.”

Neighbors who’ve talked with the family in the past say the child may have had special needs, but police could not confirm that.