Calgary’s Louder We Get cast raises a voice for change | #students | #parents

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After the production wrapped in Calgary, the COVID pandemic hit weeks later. Producers started thinking about other ways to keep the story alive. “We started to hear from fans of the show asking when we would release a song from the musical. And I was inspired by the various ways the arts community are finding to connect with and uplift audiences. With prom season underway and Pride Month here, our The Louder We Get team synchronized our laptops to share a piece of our show with the world,” said Mary Young Leckie, one of the producers.

Theatre Calgary artistic director Stafford Arima said the timing couldn’t be better to show graduates the capacity they have to make a difference.

“The graduating class of 2020 is entering into a great deal of uncertainty – we want to celebrate and acknowledge them. So this dance is for them and for every individual who has ever felt like they were an outsider or the ‘other.’ We must be able to celebrate our differences – and who we are as individuals – with pride!”

Despite the court case being almost two decades ago, Hall’s story is still relevant. As recently as 2017 the London, Ont. school district tried to pull funding from a high school production of the show, citing ‘problematic language and behaviour.’

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