Catherine & Vincent | Stranger Danger (2×02)

Music: Perfect World by The Life of Riley (Riley Smith) Riley Smith will be joining BATB from Episode 7! Woohoo! Although from the spoilers released we won’t…


24 thoughts on “Catherine & Vincent | Stranger Danger (2×02)

  1. Angie Redding

    It was a wonderful day – thank you. I know I think the window scene will be
    the start of my next video as I have already picked the song and I think it
    will set the theme well…this season is just awesome so far! Taking us to
    all new emotions (p.s what is your twitter name?)

  2. Maggie maggs

    Vincent immediately shows the’ OMG what have I just done look’ and Cat is
    terrified. Very well acted by both.

  3. Buffy24Angel

    Awesome job as always Angie and I hope your birthday was a fun-filled day!
    I thought the last scene of this episode was a shocker, but it didn’t
    compare to the noise my heart made when she shut the window on him in last
    night’s episode. It shattered into a million pieces! What are you going to
    do for an encore? We will all need tissues, right! Sweet dreams my Queen,
    Love from a fellow Beastie.

  4. Ruth Cassidy

    Why is it when he moves slowly it is so sexy…very intense video, how are
    you feeling about these first 2 ep? wonderful if Instinct_e will use any
    Riley Smith music in this season? Thank you again and happy early birthday!

  5. Buffy24Angel

    Glad to here your creative ideas are going to match each episode, so I
    can’t wait for a Liar, Liar video. That was so heartwrenching! Long story
    about the twitter thing. As soon as I pick a new name I will let you know,
    I’m working on that this weekend. Stay safe and take care!