Cell phone, cyberspace safety tips for parents and children

School is back in full swing, and with that comes homework, some of which requires your children to log onto the internet.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office has a team solely dedicated to internet crimes.

Since many parents didn’t grow up with all this technology, they can educate themselves with a site called Netsmartz.org.

It alerts parents to all the latest trends with gaming, apps, sexting, cyberbullying and much more. It’s free and can be a surefire way to safeguard what your children are doing on the web.

“Know who your kid is talking to, know what apps they have on their phone, or iPad because there is a new app every day, and if you don’t know what that app is, then you need to find out what that app is because that is communication,” Lt. Jerry Brewer said. “You as a parent need to know who they are communicating with ultimately and that changes every day.”

The Today Show recently put a list out of internet sites parents can use to monitor your child’s cell phone or internet activity.

Net Nanny – This app lets you control your child’s internet activity from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Net Nanny’s capabilities, allow parents to block certain types of websites, such as dating, pornographic, nudity or tobacco. You can also block specific websites if there are any you know your child shouldn’t have access to. The app allows you to receive warning notifications if your child types in certain keywords.

SecureTeen – This app displays your kids’ call logs, allowing you to see who your kids call and who is calling them. It also gives you access to your children’s text messages.

TeenSafe – Like SecureTeen, this app allows you to track your children’s calls and texts. If you want to know your child’s location, TeenSafe uses GPS data to pinpoint where your child is at all times.